Webgrid Paging, sorting and filtering in ASP.Net MVC

Today, In this tutorial I will show you webgrid Paging, sorting and filtering functionality in asp.net MVC application.

It is an essential approach to using paging, sorting and filtering technique in applications where a lot of data to be loaded from a database. So here in this article, I have tried to show how we can do this just following few simple steps.
Webgrid Paging, sorting and filtering in ASP.Net MVC
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Webgrid Paging, sorting and filtering in ASP.Net MVC
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Mvc;
using System.Linq.Dynamic;

namespace WebgridPagingSortingFiltering.Controllers
    public class HomeController : Controller
        public ActionResult Index(int page =1, string sort = "FirstName", string sortdir="asc", string search="")
            int pageSize = 10;
            int totalRecord = 0;
            if (page < 1) page = 1;
            int skip = (page * pageSize) - pageSize;
            var data = GetEmployees(search, sort, sortdir, skip, pageSize, out totalRecord);
            ViewBag.TotalRows = totalRecord;
            ViewBag.search = search;
            return View(data);

        public List<Employee> GetEmployees(string search, string sort, string sortdir, int skip, int pageSize, out int totalRecord)
            using (MyDatabaseEntities dc = new MyDatabaseEntities())
                var v = (from a in dc.Employees
                                    a.FirstName.Contains(search) ||
                                    a.LastName.Contains(search) ||
                                    a.EmailID.Contains(search) ||
                                    a.City.Contains(search) ||
                            select a
                totalRecord = v.Count();
                v = v.OrderBy(sort + " " + sortdir);
                if (pageSize > 0)
                    v = v.Skip(skip).Take(pageSize);
                return v.ToList();
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