Drag & drop file upload in ASP.NET MVC

Published : 28-Feb-2017   

In one of my previous articles, I explained How to Upload Files Asynchronously using ASP.NET MVC application. Today I am going to show you how we can implement Drag & drop file upload in ASP.NET MVC application.This is a very simple article today I am going to explain but Drag & drop file uploading is a very common requirement for any web application nowadays.  Drag and drop is a great HTML5 feature. So let Start implementing drag & drop file uploading in ASP.NET MVC application.In this tutorial, we will see how to implement this using the FileDrop jQuery plugin.  jQuery FileDrop uses the HTML5 File API to allow users to drag multiple files from desktop to the browser, uploading each file to a user-specified URL.

Full CRUD operation using datatables in ASP.NET MVC

Published : 15-Dec-2016   

In the previous article of this series "Implementing jQuery Datatables in ASP.NET MVC application", we have seen followings.Implement jQuery Datatable in ASP.NET MVC applicationjQuery Datatable server side pagination and sorting in ASP.NET MVCImplement custom multicolumn server-side filtering in jQuery dataTablesWhere we have used Datatables plugin to basically display data with various features.Because a lot of requests from readers to me to write a tutorial for implement CRUD operation in Datatables, today I am going to show you how we can implement CRUD operation in Datatables. 

Webgrid Paging, sorting and filtering in ASP.Net MVC

Published : 20-Nov-2016   

Today, In this tutorial I will show you webgrid Paging, sorting and filtering functionality in asp.net MVC application.It is an essential approach to using paging, sorting and filtering technique in applications where a lot of data to be loaded from a database. So here in this article, I have tried to show how we can do this just following few simple steps.

Part 1 : Token based authentication in ASP.NET Web API

Published : 30-Sep-2016   

In one of my previous article, I have shown you how to implement custom Forms Authentication (cookie-based approach) in ASP.NET MVC application.Today I am going to show you how to Secure ASP.NET Web API using Token Based Authentication.ASP.NET Web API is a framework that makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers, mobile devices, and traditional desktop applications. Nowadays Web API adoption is increasing at a rapid pace. So it's very essential to implement security for all types of clients trying to access data from Web API services.

Reordering list via drag & drop in AngularJS application

Published : 11-Sep-2016   

In one of my recent AngularJS project that I have just completed, required that  the user be able to reorder the list of data via drag & drop feature and the current order of the list shall be persisted on the database. Today I will show you how to implement reordering list via drag & drop in AngularJS application. Here in this AngularJS application, I have used "angular-drag-and-drop-lists" AngularJS directive that allows us to build sortable lists with the native HTML5 drag & drop API.